About Us

As Karen Blake Coaching we are known as a Career Coaching and Training Provider but wanted to offer flexibility to our learners with continued tutor support and have designed and created eLearning solutions for some of our site based courses.

These courses draw on the extensive knowledge and experience of our Tutors and Coaches. You will be able to access ongoing support throughout your learning journey.

As part of Karen Blake Coaching, we are a registered CPD Provider and WJEC Centre for Essential Skills Qualifications Suite.

eLearning enables you to save time and money and accommodation costs whilst minimising the impact on your job, learning modules on the go! as well as working at your own pace.

Email: info@karenblakeacademy.com 
Tel:  01685 700946.


Karen Blake Academy’s eLearning content has been developed to offer learners a flexible study option.

Learners will have access to excellent resources and will be able to have tutor support (depending on course) with easy accessibility. You will also be able to see at a glance how you are progressing.

All courses are accessed through our eLearning platform; the learner will use their unique username and password to log in and start learning through their Student Dashboard.

Why choose Karen Blake Academy eLearning?

  •  - Reduced overheads of classroom hire and travel expenses.
  •  - Learning can be completed at a pace, place and time suited to the learner.
  •  - Secure access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  •  - Improved learner engagement and retention.

Which courses are available?

We have a comprehensive suite of eLearning modules to support a wide range of our qualifications. We are committed to continual review and development of our online materials.

How to purchase KBA eLearning:

For information on how to register your learners for eLearning, please contact info@karenblakeacademy.com or call us on 01685 700946. We can offer discounted rates for multiple registrations.

eLearning FAQs

1. I am a student; how do I access the course once enrolled?

You should receive an automated email once you’ve been enrolled containing your log in details. However, if have any problems, please contact either your training provider or info@karenblakeacademy.com

2. Are there any specific requirements needed to view the eLearning content?

You will need to ensure your computer is able to play sound as some of the videos include audio.


3. How do I purchase a course?

To purchase your course online just follow the link. Online purchases can either be paid for immediately by credit/debit card or paypal, you can nominate somebody else to pay on your behalf, or an invoice can be requested.


4.  How do I access the courses I have paid for?

On completing the online purchase process you will have immediate access to your course. Please click 'My eLearning' at the top of the page.

5. How long do I have access to my purchased course?

You have access to the courses you have purchased indefinitely.  Access to the assessment will be for a 12-month period from the date of purchase.

6.Do I have to complete a course in one go?

No, you can visit it at any time, wherever you are. Each course is made up of a number of individual modules which enables you to complete it in your own time and at times convenient to you.

7. Is my purchased course transferable?

No. Your course cannot be transferred to anyone else.

8. What if I forget my KBA login details?

If you forget your KBA login details please go to the KBA website and click on 'My Account', My Details then change password.

9. I have purchased the course online but cannot access the course?

Please contact the KBA office on info@karenblakeacademy.com or by calling 01685 700946

10. Do I receive a certificate?

Yes. A Certificate of Completion will be available to you from the eLearning pages for immediate download once the course competencies have been met. You need to login to receive your certificate. A copy of your certificate can be printed and posted to you for a small charge, contact for further details.