Falls Prevention Awareness

This training course is non-accredited and has been prepared to ensure that all staff are fully up-to-date with regard to statutory health & safety responsibilities. This course is useful in assisting Health & Social Care Diploma candidates with the various elements of their learning. 


To demonstrate:

  • An understanding of the risk factors associated with falls
  • Knowledge of the practical interventions to manage and to reduce these risks
  • An understanding of why falls prevention is so important
  • Knowledge of what actions to take in the event of a fall
  • An understanding of when and why any kind of fall should be reported
  • An awareness of the need to learn from each fall, establishing the contributing factors so corrective action can be taken in order to reduce the risks of similar falls occurring
  • Knowledge of the human cost of falls

Once course and assessment have been completed a certificate demonstrating areas of competency will be generated.